Fieldwork: A Novel

Fieldwork - Mischa Berlinski This book started out well. The writing style was very readable without being dumbed down like a lot of popular fiction is. It contains a lot of interesting descriptions of life in Thailand. The story of Martiya was one that I was interested in and I definately wanted to keep reading to find out what had happened.

About halfway through the book I lost interest. Most of the book is a major digression from the story that peaked my interest in the begining. I finished reading it because I still wanted to know what had happened to Martiya, but I had to suffer through a lot of extras that really didn't really have anything to do with, well, anything.

After reading the acknowledgements, I think the author was trying to make the book more like an ethnography than a novel. It might be interesting if it stuck to that genre, but it doesn't. The result is a book that seems to be having a major identity crisis.