Ghost Story (Dresden Files, No. 13)

Ghost Story - Jim Butcher Sometimes TV shows get lazy and do a clip show. There's some sort of framing device to make the episode "new," but the majority of the show is just clips of previous episodes.

I felt like this book was that show for the Dresden files. Granted, the "clips" were mostly new scenes that we hadn't necessarily read before, but they were usually ones we had heard about at least. And I didn't think getting the extra details did any good at all. Plus the narrative felt redundant anyway. Harry would sit around thinking about something and essentially do an unessisary replay of a previous chapter.

Also, I've listened to the audiobooks for most of this series. This book had a different reader who I didn't really enjoy. I miss James Marsters. This reader seemed to ephasize the wrong part of sentences fairly often. Plus he didn't do the voices right (I know, I shouldn't expect him to, but I expect certain characters to NOT have a weird New York accent going on. After all, it's all supposed to be in Chicago).