A Discovery of Witches: A Novel (All Souls Trilogy)

A Discovery of Witches - Deborah Harkness I'm actually only about half way through this book and I'm pretty sure it's not worth my time to finish. It started out well - the descriptions of Oxford are lovely and the protagonist, a witch with a PhD, seemed interesting.

Unfortunately, Harkness then introduces the vampire element. Why must there be a vampire? At least he doesn't sparkle in the sunlight. In fact, sunlight has no ill effects on him at all. And that's not all, our witchy friend Diana finds herself falling in love with the vamp. Suddenly I'm reading Twilight.

Ok, Harkness has a better mastery of the English language than Meyer does. But I'm not interested in reading about Bella and Edward again, even if she now has a PhD and he doesn't glitter.

*Update* I did actually go back and finish. I felt the need to let my brain rot a little bit. It gets a little better, but not a lot. I'm certainly not going to pick up the sequels when they come out.