How to Buy a Love of Reading

How to Buy a Love of Reading - Tanya Egan Gibson I LOVED this book. I was so sad last night when I finished reading it, and not only because the ending is tragic.

Essentially, this is a modern day Great Gatsby. Not that it's a stretch to come to that conclusion, the book kind of hits you over the head with it. There's so much more to it as well! It's literary architecture is layered and complicated and fascinating, which I loved. The characters are, while not exactly like-able, very easy to feel for and get caught up in. It's one of those books that gets under your skin while you're reading it, and for days/weeks after you finish.

There is a story too. It's a good story. It's kind of an absurd premise, but the whole world of the novel is the same kind of absurd. But the story is not the reason to read this book.